Constanza Dozo Moreno’s sculptures are an obvious testimony of the soul. Every feature entails an experience; every gesture, a hidden intention; every attitude, a destiny. And this is why –though static in appearance- her art shows drama and movement. Real movement, which is not change and erosion, but rather an instant of fullness: fullness of love, rest or passion.
The works displayed herein do not sleep as inert matter. They rather beat together with the echo of the chisel that shaped them, with the pulse that gave them rhythm, and also with the heart that filled them with incorruptible blood. Those who look through the eyes of these sculptures will get to know the prodigy of the distant star: the stone which lucidly spreads the sparkle of a gaze.

Sebastián Dozo Moreno

by All rights reserved ® Constanza Dozo Moreno 2013